Adventure Stories

So, you want to be a co-star in one of Bohndan's blood-soaked adventures? A little Bonnie and Clyde action, in between romps in the sack? Or do you want to be a quiet one that develops their own sense of badassery? Well, you're in luck! Bohndan is more than willing to work with others. He's smart enough to realize that, while he may be a tough individual, he isn't powerful enough to win against an army of thugs (or cops) that have any decent amount of training or experience. Likewise, there are certain people who have skills he does not. Therefore, he's more than willing to accept the assitance of others. Stories with Bohndan can even venture into some twisted slice-of-life things (because, really, no relationship with a man like Bohndan is going to be normal), drama, and more.

In a general sense, if you have any kind of a plot hook in your profile, chances are, I can make something out of it, and keep it rolling for a good while. Teen girl needs to escape her abusive parents? Maybe they're part of a crime ring Boh was sent to take out. Criminal girl being followed by crooked (or not) cops? Like Bohndan needs much encouragement to shoot a badge. Female cop in trouble? Nothing sounds funner to him than to put a cop in moral debt to him, by saving them, THEN fucking their brains out. There's so much more. If you come to me with an idea, or even a general concept, chances are, I can flesh it out.

Detailed stories coming sooon!

Erotic Stories

Bohndan is a very erotic individual. He exhudes all of the traditional ("toxic") masculine aspects that attract others. He's also a rapist, a sadist, and a lover of torture and abuse for various specific reasons. He has a dick, and an interest in putting it in holes. So, things can be quick and fun, or more detailed, with slavery themes and more. Since erotic stories can be very simple, or very complex, I'll start by listing some basic ideas, then list some more advanced concepts.

Again, detailed stories coming sooon!