Bohndan Voloshyn

Full Legal Name:   Bohndan "Boh" Levevych Voloshyn Bohndan Voloshyn is an incredibly cruel individual. He is a hitman, hired muscle, or whatever he wants to be. His reputation is well known among criminals, and his face has been seen on Wanted posters in various places around the world. However, the fear he strikes in law enforcement has prevented his arrest on numerous occasions. A solidly built, powerful creature, he has demonstrated skills and abilities above and beyond the capability of those sent against him - police tactical teams, other hitmen, Mafia enforcers. He's either outsmarted and avoided them, or killed them. He's known to have survived in places like Afghanistan and central Africa, where "his kind" are hunted for sport. He has regularly turned the tables on his aggressors, and the hunters have become the hunted. He's been injured often enough on his various jobs, and survived, to have developed a bit of an "unkillable" reputation. However, he is the first to remind his clients that he is not, in fact, immortal - he's extremely careful, and his injuries are, in fact, proof of his fallability.

Boh's cruelty towards his targets is infamous - he's known to enjoy torturing and harming those he's assigned to handle. This barbarism has worked in his favor, with favorable contract terms from those that want to "send a message" to another party. He holds no qualms about targeting women and children when assigned to do so, having, apparently, no real morals at all. Like most hired guns, he holds no alliegiance to anyone - even his place of birth. Unusually, however, he is very opinionated about the world's condition and the things going on within it. He'll wax poetic about these things at the slightest provocation, just as he'll lash out and viciously beat his targets with equally little provocation.

Boh's past is not well known by most police intelligence sources. He's known to be Ukrainian/Vlach, and there's evidence to suggest he was raised in the Ukraine for a while before coming to the United States illegally, with his parents. His mother vanishes from all known records around the time when Boh was nine. His father, Lev Voloshyn, was a known Ukrainian mobster. His death is on record, when Boh was about 14. It's unknown if Boh served in any known military force, or not, but this has been suspected by some, given his skill at tactical operations and his general knowledge of police and military tactics. His voice carries no discernable accent other than some generalized "eastern European" lilt - his nationality being Ukrainian is only known through a birth record that matches his name, however, the Ukrainian government will not release a copy of it to anyone, as they've classified him as especially dangerous and seem to want the pride of eliminating their own home-grown "problem" themselves (or, as some suspect, they regularly employ him and don't want him caught while on an operation).

Boh's tactical style and approach to problem solving can be called "traditionally Slavic" - quick, brutal, and efficient almost to a fault. His torture style, however, is more for his personal pleasure than anything else, and he has been known to use unconventional methods to achieve his torture goals, whatever they may be. He is a known rapist, and besides possessing expensive things, this seems to be his main hobby. It's unknown how many victims he has, but it is known that those who are his victims, very rarely come forwards. Some because they've developed Stockholm Syndrome and have been apparently brainwashed by him to worship him, and others out of the general fear of retaliation.

Height:   6'6" (198.1cm)
Weight:   276lbs (125kg)
Hair:   Black
Eyes:   Blue
Laterality:   Right, semi-ambidexterous
Body Type:   Muscular
Racial Makeup:   Ukrainian/Vlachs
Citizenship:   Ukraine, United States (forged)
Date of Birth:   26 April (Date unknown)
Place of Birth:   Northern Ukraine
Marital Status:   Single
Sexual Orientation:   Pansexual
Religious Faith:   Ukrainian Orthodox
Favourite Food:   Chicken Kiev (kotleta po-kyivsky)
Favourite Drink:   Myrhorodska mineral water, Kontabas Horilka
Known Vices:   Tobacco, Alcohol
He has been known to corrupt places and people to make his environment more suitable for him - he has encouraged gang wars, the uprising of gang activity or criminal elements, he has encouraged the defiance of police agents and agencies, and has gone to the steps of encouraging cop killings, if the police get in his way. He's smart enough to command the respect and activiites of loose collections of hoodlums, and has forged temporary packs of low-level thugs to help do his bidding. It seems that, to him, his choice of living is indeed a complete criminal lifestyle that he thoroughly enjoys, compared to some, who are criminals only because they're good at these activities and it pays the bills. While the terms "good" and "evil" are often seen as relative, he's often called exactly that - evil, without question.

Unusual quirks for Boh include a love of animals, and he has killed people "off-the-clock" for being cruel towards them. He also seems to have some perverted sense of honor, in that he won't accept certain contracts, or will accept "deathbed contracts" from people he's been tasked to kill (as long as it's for a third party, and not the person that sent him to kill the one requesting the contract). Boh is known to act racist towards everyone for little reason (some think it's to intentionally provoke conflict), though the universality of this racist behaviour leads criminal investigators to believe it's mostly an act. He does seem to be honestly racist against a small sub-set of the human population, however. Other quirks are his diet - high in red meat and vegetables, a penchant for liquor combined with a high resistance to intoxication, constantly drinking tea or Bosnian-style coffee - and his habit to keep his hands busy. He's been observed palming coins and fiddling with toothpicks or pens.

Warning: Boh does not show mercy to his contracts. If assigned as a kill target, rest assured, you will die.